Deep Run Design Test Bench Services

The Deep Run Test Bench is second to none. No brag, just fact.

photo of the Deep Run test bench


Audio has always been a passion, and here you can be sure your equipment will be treated with the utmost care. There is almost nothing we can't repair, regardless of age. With a huge stock of electronic parts and on-site machining capability, problems that stymie others are quickly reduced to routine. We have automated test capability so most equipment is returned with a printout of performance parameters.

There are a few caveats. Very little common consumer grade equipment is worth the cost of repair. When you can buy a brand new DVD player for $29.95 on sale, it simply isn't worth it to diagnose a problem, much less fix it. In these days of high gas prices and inflation, shipping and insurance costs may also rule out repairs. Heavy power amps get hit particularly hard, as do turntables, which can take an extremely long time to pack to avoid damage. Servicing these items makes the most sense if you're in the Upstate NY area and can provide delivery and pickup. Our main interest is the higher end equipment that was built to a reasonably high standard. Quality preamps, power amps, tuners and some receivers are all welcome here, as well as the various kits from Dynaco and Southwest Technical Products Corp. (SWTPCo).

We can service and set up almost any turntable. Many older tables suffer from hardened lubricants and we keep a variety of specialized replacements on hand. We are able to remake lost anti-skate weights and can also supply custom tonearm weights and special feet. We can refurbish and upgrade bearings. Custom alignment templates and strobe disks will be supplied free with all turntable service.

If cost is no object we can do just about anything. For most people, cost is an object and there are some things you can do to keep it reasonable. First, though we can do a lot without documentation, having a schematic of the unit increases the chances of success by a huge margin. Though we can search the net and/or order factory documentation, it takes time; there is nothing preventing you from doing the same job for us. Equipment that arrives with a schematic gets serviced faster, better and cheaper! Next, describe the problem in as much detail as you possibly can. We can predict the future and control the weather, but we're not mind readers. Finally, include signal cables when possible. Sometimes hard to pin down troubles are actually cable related.

Audio Upgrades & Modifications

Many audio "upgrades" are nothing more than snake oil and some actually reduce the value and performance of the equipment. We have strong opinions about what should and should not be done, and are not shy about stating them. That said, there are many improvements that can be made in almost every piece of commercial audio equipment. We're happy to suggest an upgrade path, or possibly you have your own ideas about the matter. In either case, we hold to the highest standards of workmanship and can perform reasonable and science-based modifications that will give an audible benefit, and we don't charge a snake oil price.

Classic Test Gear

We can put your classic Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix, General Radio Corp., Fluke, Keithley and other gear in top notch condition like nobody else. In all honesty, this work is a labor of love. Most of this equipment was built under economic and business conditions that will never occur again, and to a standard of quality that no longer makes economic sense. It's simply a joy to work on. We can still rewind precision Manganin resistors and perform tasks that are mostly lost to history. If you have classic test equipment that needs to be freshened up and calibrated, please give us a call.

Ham Radio Equipment

Modern ham gear is not our specialty. It's densely packed, processor controlled and hard to service. Older gear falls very much in the same class as the classic test equipment above. We have good RF capability and will consider some, though not all, service needs.